Monday, November 29, 2010

11.19.10 - Day 1

So me and my roommates are taking on a challenge. a challenge to be healthy. there are various things on the list, such as no sweets, exercise 45 min everyday, no eating after 8 pm, read scriptures everyday, no soda, and more. Today was the first day and we are going to do this for 1 week. the hardest part for me today was to not eat after 8. we got back from the gym around 10 and working out made us all hungry, but we avoided the food. I am determined to do this challenge, and we went grocery shopping today for healthy snacks :)

life is getting really stressful. first final is on friday!!! ah! i don't know if i am ready or not... time to study study study study! on top of all that, i am working two jobs, which are getting in the way of the study/review sessions. im not sure when i will have time to study... i will have to make time.

Thanksgiving was good this year :) it was nice to see my familiy and have a break from school and work. (although that break is making it hard to get back to focusing on school). i just keep telling myself that there is only 2 weeks of classes left. anyways, the break was a lot of fun. i got to hang out with one of my best friends a couple times and one of the nights we went to our friends house and watched what not to wear. we found some really funny episodes! i cant wait for this friend to come back for christmas and we can all watch that show together! ;)
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