Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Boys

Dear Tall, Dark and Handsome
You left today.
And I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.
I hope you find what you need in life because it definitely wasn't me.

Dear Water,
I can't believe how fast time has gone.
I am counting down the days until I see you again.
There's not very many left.
Impatiently Waiting,

Dear Gamer,
I saw you last weekend but couldn't remember what I ever saw in you.
Thanks for messing up the rest of my life.

Dear Blank,
You were just a crush.
But why do I still secretly look for you everywhere I go?

Dear Nameless,
I promise I really am not a complete ditz.
I just act like it around you because you are so perfect.
Try to see past my awkwardness?

Dear Hot and Cold,
I can tell that things are changing.
And I'm not sure why that bugs me. But it does.
Can things just go back to the way they used to be?
I miss you,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Start The Countdown!

Only ten days left! We are almost to the single digits people.

I only have classes ten more days this semester. And that sounds absolutely wonderful to me. You see, I am nearly burned out. This year has been both challenging and rewarding. Challenging because of learning to write on a deadline, boys and having to think about statistics again. But the biggest reward came in the form of confirmation that I am in the right major and on the right path in life.

I am so ready for summer. And all this warm weather has me wanting even more. Bring it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend of Inspiration

This weekend I attended a PR conference. And it was fantastic!

Professionals from across the country were there to talk to us about the different areas of PR and to offer advice.

There seemed to be a continual message that nearly every presenter stressed. They told us not to be afraid to fail and that school is the place to do so: take risks.

Social media was also a big part of the conference. Presentations encouraged live tweeting, not that we weren't doing that anyways. I realized that social media really is a critical part of the future so I need to know how use different platforms and stay caught up with current trends. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, just to name a few.

Experience is a big deal in the PR world. And I realized that I need more of it. So starting now, I am determined to become more involved and gain that experience that is so crucial.

It was interesting to hear from a couple different people that the days of searching 'help wanted' ads are over. We shouldn't send out resumes to a long list of potential employers. Instead, we should need to target a few companies that are particularly interesting and try to develop a connection through persistent contact. Be "ruthless."

Being able to know how to write in 140 characters or less is a necessary skill. Attention spans are getting shorter and people are going to be less willing to read entire press releases or lengthy articles. Instead, shorten the message into something that would easily fit into a tweet.

I am currently learning how to code websites which I think will be an added skill that will set me apart from other people in my field. I was talking to one of the girls from NY and she said that females are usually only do PR and guys do the tech stuff. But if I know how to do both PR and the tech side of it, I will just be that much more marketable to future employers.

I was truly inspired to reach for the stars and chase my dreams. There is so much I want to do with my life.

After this weekend, I am 110% sure that I am in the right major. I belong here. This is what I am meant to do.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Boys: Past and Present

Dear Hot and Cold,
We tried and tried but it never seemed to work.
I  think we are just better off as friends.
Your friend,

Dear Water,
Please come home soon so we can figure this out.
Whatever 'this' is.
P.S. I miss you more.

Dear Clarinet,
Remember all those notes we would pass in class?
Yeah, I might still have those.
And now I bet you wouldn't even remember my name.
Have a nice life,

Dear Ninja,
I remember those MSN chats.
And trying to get you to tell us who you liked.
Years later, we found out your secret.
Thanks for the memories,

Dear Tall, Dark and Handsome,
I knew you were too good to be true.
It was short lived and sometimes I regret it.
And sometimes I don't.

Dear New Guy,
You are messing with my head.
Please just ask me out already or stop with the games.
It's hard enough to make up my mind about you.

Dear Mission Impossible,
I'm so sorry.
I messed everything up.

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