Thursday, January 20, 2011

an update on everything :)

so the second semester has started here at school.  i am taking a much easier class load than last semester.  i am taking english 2010, intro to social welfare, biology, and human development.  after classes everyday, i make my way to the library.  its pretty much my second home these days.  i work 20 hours a week and after a shift, i will often go find a quite corner, pull out the textbooks and do some studying.  in my english class, i have to do a 25 page research paper.  that will be quite a project!  my topic is on child development and specifically the effect of the new 'technology playtime' on a child's early development.

when i do get some spare time, i play my guitar.  i am teaching myself and am getting to the point that i can start to learn actual songs :) yay!  right now, i am trying to learn teardrops on my guitar and you belong with me, both by taylor swift (of course).  also i get to play music now, i still miss my piano.  i love to play it when i go to layton for the weekends.

i am beginning to figure out my plans for the summer and next year.  i will most likely stay in logan and work, but the library only choose a few people to stay on for the summer. so if i am not chosen, i will go back to layton and take some classes at weber.  i want to get my schooling done as soon as possible.  after graduation, i want to move to washington.  but i have decided where i want to go to graduate school, whether i will stay in utah or go out of state.  but i eventually want to end up in seattle :)
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