Saturday, June 30, 2012

Insta Two Months

Go ahead. I deserve every one of your complaints on my complete absentness. But never fear, I have not abandoned by blog. I just have been pretty busy. That's probably the excuse everyone gives, but this time, it's totally legit. I have two whole months to catch you up on and to help me do it, I am going to pull some of my pictures from instagram (which I may or not be totally obsessed with).
Disclaimer: The following is not in chronological order.

So I am back in Layton for the summer and I have had to relearn a lot. Like if you want a piece of this pie, you should totally eat it now because more often than not, it won't be there later. 

I went to Tiffany's for the first time and was finally able to cross that off my bucket list. The jewelry there is gorgeous and absolutely stunning. The whole store was so sparkly as the light was reflected off the many, many diamonds.

I went to Florida with my sister, cousin and grandparents. This was the beautiful view from our condo.

I spent a lot of time doing this.

And this.

I think a little bit of my inner child died when I got a job. Like a real, full-time job. Like a dress up and go sit at a desk all day kind of a job. I now spend most of my time at the Intermountain Homecare office in Salt Lake. It's candy like this that helps keep me awake.

My family went boating and I even got in the water. Which has fish. Lots of fish. And I hate fish.

And then I learned how to drive a boat.

My parents and brothers were gone for a whole week so me and my sister got a lot of girl time. This was taken at our slumber party/movie night where we caught up on Pretty Little Liars.

We finally finished our basement and now it has all of these cool toys. It's fun :)

This awesome girl came to visit me and we went swimming. Love her!

I feel so old now. My brother graduated high school. I can't believe that he will be going to college in just a few months!

It was also Father's Day not too long ago. I love my daddy so much!

I even got crafty and made this adorable necklace.

I promise I will write more and maybe even share a few more instagram pictures. There is so much more that I have planned for this summer. Like my birthday, a road-trip to California, the 4th of July, and one of my best friends gets home from his mission! I have really missed my blog and I will continue sharing the best parts of my life with you.

xoxo, Sam
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