Monday, September 27, 2010


since this is my first real blog, i have realized that i have had many firsts with here at college. i have learned to play poker. riding in a shopping cart down old main has become a frequent occurence. this is the first time i have actually needed to study and put a lot of effort in my classes. all throughout high school, my classes came easily for me but now they require more work then i am used to. another first would be going grocery shopping on my own. the first few times, i just walked into the store and looked perplexely at the many isles wondering what i should buy and if things were a good price or not. i am slowing getting the hang of it. while being here at logan, i have ridden the bus for the first time. it was scary at first but now it is just a pain. it takes forever to get somewhere! and the buses dont run very late either. another first for me is sharing a room. i have shared a room long ago when i was very little but i barely remember it. sharing is different from having my own room which is what i am used too. but i love having roommates! i have become friends with most of them and we usually do everything together.

all in all, i love college life! and i am sure i will have many more firsts! :)

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