Friday, July 8, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Blog

Goodness!  Can you believe summer is halfway over?  I feel like it was only a week ago that I was finishing finals and moving into my apartment.  Everything that could happen to make tonight a perfect summer night is happening.  I am sitting on my balcony writing this and watching the sunset fade behind those Utah mountains in a wounderous display of pinks and oranges; smelling that it-just-rained smell; and listening to the baby birds quietly chirping in their nest in the dark stairway.  What a good day.  Such a simple night.  Peaceful.

Throughout these past couple of weeks, I have been especially inspired by my idol, Taylor Swift.  Some people would take a failed relationship and would take their anger and frustration out physically or emotionally on someone else.  Instead, she channels that negative energy into a song.  A song that touches millions because of the blatant truthfulness of it.  I believe that she is popular because her songs are relatable for so many people.  So, lately I have been working on writing my own song.  It is a rough and slow process, but I am determined to finish it.  I have been trying to draw from real experiences and put that emotion into a song. And I hope that the more songs I write, the easier it will be to put those emotions into words.  And who knows, if I like the finish product, I may put it on here for some feedback ;)


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  1. Sammy- I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog!! It's inspiring!

    That's all! :)


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