Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neglect and an Excuse

I will admit, I have neglected my blog over the last month or so.  And the only excuse I really have is that I've been busy.  So I guess it's up to my readers to decide if that is a valid excuse or not.

So what exactly have I been so busy with?  I went to Canada for two weeks, which has definitely has been the highlight of my summer.  We had our own little 'Gregson Family Tour of Alberta', stopping in Magrath, Calgary and Edmonton.  And even taking a day trip to go to Banff and see the Canadian Rockies and Lake Louise.  Plus it was great to see all of my family again and to just have a vacation and leave life and all responsibilities behind in the states.  Now I am back to working everyday and trying to plan a bridal shower for my one of my bestest friends.  I still can't believe she is getting married!!  I have been super stressed with this and I know I shouldn't be but I want it to turn out perfect.  And this isn't your typical bridal shower either.  It will be an open house for friends, family and ward members.  So basically all the different types of showers combined into one big one.  And then on top of all that, the fall semester starts in two weeks!  I am so freaking excited!  I won't have to be a boring and super responsible adult anymore; I can be a fun and somewhat responsible student.  So I'll be saying goodbye to working full time and hello to friends in just a few short weeks!

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