Monday, April 16, 2012


Oops! Just realized the title read "Bongs". Let's change that. No bueno.

Now on to a post all about my bangs!


I think a need a  hair intervention! My bangs are at that awkward stage where they are too long to be worn as bangs but to short to blend in with the rest of my hair. See Exibit A:

But they are almost to the point where I can tuck them behind my ear. Exhibit B:

So this is where you all come in. Do I leave my bangs and just let them grow out? Or should I cut them? And how should I cut them?

I could leave them as the classic 'side-swept' bangs or go back to the straight bangs look. Exhibit C:

I am very indecisive about this situation and complain about my bangs nearly everyday to my roommate. And it's getting ridiculous. I just need to make up my mind and do something. I have thought about letting them grow out, but I haven't not had bangs for a really long time. So long that I can't even remember. 

So if you have any ideas for me, please leave them below! Thank you all.



  1. I'm struggling with the same exact thing!! I think you look really cute with the full fringe look. If it were me, I'd go with those.

  2. I like the bangs look for you best. Going by those pictures, I think the classic look is really cute on you!

  3. Hmmm...I like the straight-across bangs. SUPER cute :)


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