Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I said what?

One of the perks of having my best friend as a roommate is that she is comfortable with with telling me about the weird things I do. And some of them are things I never knew about. This story is about one of those occasions.

I am on some medication right now and it makes me really tired. So I have been sleeping more than usual lately. Last night I went to bed early and Ashley was up late studying so by the time she went to bed I was fast asleep. And according to her, I talk in my sleep. And this isn't the first time she has told me this. But this is the first time I said something comprehensible. What I said was this:

"There was a man... and he was creepily watching you."

Um, okay. No clue what that means. But I got a good laugh when she told me. I'm so grateful that she puts up with all the crazy things I do.

But really, I had no idea about this little quirk. I have had my own room ever since I was 5 so there really hasn't been anyone to hear my crazy night talk.

I also hope my future husband loves me enough to put up with it.



  1. Duuuude I also talk in my sleep and had no idea until I shared a room as an adult! I once told my roommate that I built her a statue. I also get super defensive in my sleep, so if anyone tries to tell me I am sleep talking I get all offended. Also one time I just said the word "trumpet" and started laughing.


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