Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Party for One

I may or may not have worked forty hours this week at both jobs combined. All on top of my internship and school. Okay, let's be real. School doesn't really count this semester, but still. It's a good 6 hours out of the week. So needless to say, but I have been insanely busy this week. So when I came home tonight to an empty house, I knew it was time to party. So I had a party for one. Complete with chocolate, a crazy outfit and music. I know you wish you had been there.

A random outfit with a side pony tail.

I put on my favorite socks. They are so amazingly comfy.

Chocolate no-bake cookies were made.

 I painted my nails while the cookies cooled.

And jammed out to this song.

And this one.

How did you spend your Saturday night?



  1. So fun! That is a TON of work girl. I worked a little over 30 hours while doing school last semester and I swear I did nothing with my life but school work and sleep haha.

  2. Love your shirt and socks. I see you like tacky socks like myself. that's all I ever wear. they rock.


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