Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's talk dating.

Dating. We all have our stories about awkward situations, DTRs and door-step moments. But I want to talk about another type of dating. Online dating. It usually has a negative connotation and is seen as something that only desperate, middle aged people use. But lately I have heard of more and more people using dating sites to meet people.

But how do you really know who is behind the profile? How do you know that charming college graduate is actually not a 30-something year old chatting from his parents' basement? Then once you actually contact someone you think you might be interested in, then you have to deal with meeting for the first time. Which has potential for awkwardness written all over it.

Online dating is such a weird concept to me. Everyone has laid out their life in a nicely organized profile that you can read through an decide if you are interested. It's like picking out anything at a store. You have the entire selection presented to you and then you can choose exactly what you want. And just like you are sifting through all the options, someone else is judging you based on your profile. Like you would judge a book by it's cover. Is that really fair to the book? It may be a fantastic book but you would never know unless you opened it and gave it an honest chance.

Call me old fashioned but I'm a little wary of online dating. The whole idea is just a little weird to me. But maybe I am judging it without knowing all the facts.

Would you ever try online dating? What are your opinions? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this so just leave a comment below.



  1. I'd be wary and definitely careful. But I mean, I meet Elisabeth online ;)

  2. I know plenty of people who date online! I've dabbled in it. Didn't have major success, but I'm definitely not opposed to the idea. If you do meet in person eventually you play it safe and meet in a public place -- there's really no more risk of lying/etc than if you meet someone at a party, right? Same diff. I say go for it if you feel like exploring! No shame.

  3. I say go for it. You are a wise woman, and know how to go about it in all the right and safe ways. I known of many good people who have met their life long love through dating sites.


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