Friday, April 18, 2014

I promise I'm still alive

I totally suck at blogging lately. But here I am. I'm still alive. It's a crazy phenomenon how you can get so wrapped up in the day-to-day things of life and before you know it, it's months before you get around to doing that thing you'd been meaning to do.

Life has been busy. My job has been incredible. I am so blessed to be able to do something I love and and grateful for all that I've learned already.

One of my closest friend got engaged and as her maid of honor, I have been trying my best to help her plan the wedding with her being in another country. Thank goodness for technology. We have been sending pictures and pins back and forth sharing wedding ideas and talking about what it will be like to live so close.

I was called to be a FHE group leader in my singles ward. I'm not going to lie; this one stresses me out at times.

I've begun to toy with the idea of going back to school. I miss it. My work will even pay for most of it so that's a huge bonus. I'm thinking maybe next spring I'll start a master's program? We'll see.

I don't think I can fully express how thrilled I am that spring has finally arrived! I've missed being outside and I've missed the sunshine. The sun and warm weather are my favorite and I've also found that overall I'm happier during the spring and summer. Life just gets a little bit better. I've also really been excited to get out and play tennis again. Is there anyone in the Salt Lake area who will volunteer to be my tennis buddy??

Well there it is. A quick snapshot of what my life is like right now.

Life is good.

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