Thursday, December 2, 2010

memories :)

memories. some happy, some not so happy. i can look back on those that were positive and smile, and learn from the negative.

-dancing in the rain
-playing at the park
-high school dances
-playing the piano until my fingers hurt
-laughing until we cried
-all those hot tub margarita parties
-late night talks with the girls
-singing along to "don't trust a hoe" as loud as we can
-childhood playdates
-swimming in the summer
-ballroom dancing
-skipping spanish class to go to the mall
-watching "what not to wear"
-staying up all night worrying
-getting Naked at the coles
-driving around just becuase
-senior trip to my city-NYC
-sledding in winter
-laying under the stars
-worrying about AP testing
-filling out numerous scholarship applications
-laying awake at night thinking of him
-meeting Jon Schmidt
-the trip to canada with the best friend
-moving out and going to college
-modeling and fashion shows
-spending hours in an elevator
-the car accident
-the disappointment at not recieving any scholarship applied for
-andy adams park
-the florida beaches
-all those fights and apologies
-football games
-over-the-fence borrowing
-dancing around singing to the radio
-learning to play the organ
-tiger hunts
-mission farewells
-girls camp
-my first job
-afternoons on antelope island
-making music videos
-school lunch hour
-pillow fights
-mormon taquilla
-all my friends and family

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