Thursday, June 30, 2011

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Last year, I was a model for Alysse's Bridal which was a great experience and a totally different story for a different time :) But one night after one of our fashion shows, we got a call about a movie being filmed at Thanksgiving Point and they wanted us to be extras!  At the time, all we knew was that it was a prom scene and we were perfect because we were still all dressed for the fashion show for the formal dress line.  I begged my parents to let me do it and 20 minutes later me and my friend were stuffing our huge dresses into the car to go to the set.

After signing parental release forms, we were given our places and told what to do.  Count to ten then walk across the courtyard.  Don't look at the camera and don't make any noise.  Only pretend to talk to each other.  Be careful not to look directly at the actors.  And so on and so on.  We eventually learned that the movie was "You're So Cupid."  And the only actor I knew was Jeremy Sumpter, most famous for his part in "Peter Pan."  My friend was really excited and in between takes, she pulled out her camera and secretly filmed him and the set.  I'm pretty sure that was a no-no.  After a few takes, the set was changed slightly to prepare for the kissing scene.  I was placed in a group of other people directly behind the kissers.  Again, we were just supposed to pretend to talk.  The scene was filmed many times; more than I thought necessary.  A couple more shots were taken and then it was all over.  By this time it was around 2 am.  My poor family waited the whole time out in the parking lot.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that it was freezing that night!  But we were told to act not cold.  Anyways, the set photographer asked if we wanted to meet the actors and so we talked with Jeremy and the others and got our pictures taken with them.  And boy, Jeremy was a stuck up, jerk-face.  But it was a fun experience and was cool to see how movies were filmed.

Now fast forward 9 months and for Christmas I get the DVD.  I had almost forgotten all about it!  I was excited to watch it but there was no guarantee that I would be seen in it.  There are a couple of takes where, if you know where to look, you can see me.  And sure enough, I am right there in the background during the kissing scene.  But I didn't really like the movie... It's about these twin sisters, who are the school's matchmakers.  After a sequence of events, they find out that their dad is actually Cupid and they have the power to make people fall in love.  Both girls end up falling for the same guy and he falls in love with both (youtube the trailer).  Its a very, very cheesy chic flick.  But it was fun!  Which I guess is the important part :)


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