Sunday, January 15, 2012


It hit me yesterday. I am halfway through college! I have successfully completed three semesters and that means I only have three more to go! It's like I can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel. A future that doesn't consist of fighting over the shower with roommates. Or regular dinners of pasta just because it is quick. Or freezing my butt off in Logan. The end is coming. And then I will be a college graduate!

But looking back, I can't believe how fast time has gone. I mean, living in the dorms seems like it was forever ago. But it really was only a year. Looking back on the classes I have taken I am impressed with what I was able to do and accomplish.

I can do hard things.

Like that geography class I took my very first semester. That was the worst grade I have ever gotten. In fact, that was my very first B. And honestly, I was devastated. But I survived the class and I can proudly say that my grades have improved every semester.

This semester is going to be intense. All of my classes have heavy reading assignments. Like tons of and tons of pages. But I'm still have that happy and excited attitude that I seem to start every semester with.

Intro to Public Relations - T/TR 10:30
Ethics in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology - T/TR 1:30
Communication Research - T/TR 3:00
Sociology of Work - T/TR 4:30
Art Symposium - Online
Total Credits = 14

I am pretty excited about most of my classes this semester. I am taking a lighter load than I usually do but that's okay. And I'm sure I will still be very, very busy. I am still working 20 hours a week. So rarely do I have spare time. That is becoming a foreign concept to me. My education is a big and complete mess. I can't take this class because I don't have this prerequisite. And I can't take this class because I don't have enough credits. And blah blah blah. So I was kind of stuck for classes so I filled it with some electives because I need a few more upper division credits. So why not take them now and get them out of the way? Exactly.



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