Thursday, January 26, 2012

Procrastination... In Progress


One of my worst habits and biggest flaws.

Even as as I write this I am procrastinating. But not as bad as usual. I finished studying for my exam in my next class and didn't bring anything else to the computer lab. So I have a half hour to kill and what better way than to write this.

Last night I had this assignment. A beast of an assignment. For a class that I loathe. Communication research. The teacher is extremely vague and only explains things one way. With boxes and arrows. How much sense can you make from boxes and arrows? It is a confusing class that really has no purpose. I will be doing the writing in my job and if need research done, I will go to the research person because that is their job. Almost everyone I have talked to are just as confused as I am.

So for this assignment I had to look at two different articles and identify specific parts of research. And then diagram it using the teachers box and arrow method that makes absolutely no sense. So I finished that part and then I had to write an op-ed piece. I have little experience writing one of the those. So mine is crap. Last semester in my newswriting class, we were constantly told to avoid number because it confuses readers. So I have always avoided numbers in my writing but for this assignment we had to "use numbers in a convincing way". How do you do that? We haven't been taught anything about how to write with numbers. Classes consist of boxes and arrows. Boxes and arrows.

Well, that got totally off topic. From procrastination to a rant about a class. Let's get back to my original point.

Last semester I had a planner that I wrote all my assignments down in. But this semester I have very few assignments and A TON of reading. So it's kind of useless to just writing "reading" down for everyday. I know I have reading to do. So the planner is ineffective this semester, for the most part. And the reading is boring and textbooks are never fun to read. So it's very easy to put off.

But it's piling up.

Okay, maybe not that much. More like this.

But that's still a lot...

This weekend is going to be one of those 'catch-up-on-life-or-die' weekends.

Wish me luck.


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