Sunday, December 16, 2012

End of semester thoughts

The timing is a little late because of finals and projects. But now that my worst semester is over, I feel totally valid about writing in my blog. I don't feel guilty because I am not working on some project or studying for some test.

I have good news to share: I got an internship! Starting in January, I will be a communications intern at Logan Regional Hospital.

This is all happening so perfectly. I am only taking two classes so I will have time to work and do my internship. The arrangements couldn't be better. Next semester shouldn't be nearly as busy as last semester was.

This semester was the most crazy, most stressful, most trying but most rewarding semester yet. Every hour of my day was scheduled and at times I felt like I was so hopelessly behind with no hope of catching up. But I feel a sense of accomplishment now being done. I am that much closer to graduation and with the most of my classroom learning behind me, I am ready for the experiences my internship will bring.

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