Monday, May 27, 2013

Lots of traveling

So I kind of really suck at blogging this month. But with graduating, moving, unpacking and traveling I just haven't had the time. There is so much I want to write about but that will just have to wait for now. My vacation to New York was awesome! And now I am headed on a cruise to Mexico. Actually, I am writing this now on my phone (which explains the shortness of this post) as I sit in the deck of the ship watching the ocean. It's so beautiful out here. So peaceful.

So I won't be blogging for at least another week. But in the meantime, I have lined up a guest blogger. She's great so watch for her post later this week. 

I can't wait to start writing again. There's so many thoughts in my head right and so much going on in my life that I need to write it all out. But until then I suppose it will stay jumbled. And I can't wait to write about my vacations as well. 

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