Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm in Mexico... Meet Katelyn!

And so my travels continue! I am on a cruise to Mexico with my family and grandparents.

I want you to all meet my friend Katelyn. She is Canadian which makes her that much more awesome :)

She is new to blogging so be sure to check out her blog too :) Share the blog love.

Hey there Sam's readers , I am Katelyn and I blog over at Katelyn In Pink Sam asked me to write a guest blog while she is enjoying the fun and sun in Mexico !!!! I met Sammy while she was in her first year of college ( I was visiting Utah with her cousin ) and we have been friends ever since 

I am 23 and living in Canada in a small farming community called Vegreville ( home of the worlds largest Easter egg ) I work in the health care industry and love it . I also have big dreams of moving to Utah and am in the process of achieving said dream !!! I also am clumsy and a little nerdy , a fan of the out doors and avid reader and hopeless romantic. The last 2 however go together. Do you ever see those movies where there is the girl who spends her whole life reading and loosing herself in these epic tales of romance and beauty and chivalry and of coarse the gorgeous dresses and, in the end she finds her happy ending? This is me minus I am still looking for my prince .


Today's world is pretty similar to the world in the books for us woman , there is a lot of pressure in finding a mate and getting married especially in the lds faith , maybe it's just me but I feel if you aren't married by 21 its almost like swearing , it was same way in some of my favorite books . I think that so often we are focused ( or maybe its just me ) in finding the perfect romance that it becomes a tad depressing when you are like me 23 and not married. But like some of my favorite literary heroines I have discovered that there is more to life then finding my prince charming , there is a whole world out there !!! So my new goal or dream in life is to TRAVEL and visit some of the places my favorite books take place in , see the English country side and travel across Ireland , sail the Nile and drift away on the Mississippi river , to finish my education and live in the moment and someday maybe just maybe my price will come and sweep me of my feet . XOXO Katelyn

Did I also mention I am a super hero ???


That socks picture is the very first one we took together haha


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