Thursday, June 6, 2013

Getting Settled

I've been such a slacker. With all the craziness of graduating, movie and traveling my blog has kind of been pushed to the side.

Now that my vacations are all over I can really start getting settled. I'll finally have the time to unpack the last few boxes and adjust to life after college.

It's a weird life. A life that I'm not used. I'm not used to go going to bed so early just so I can get up early the next morning to be on time for work. A life that isn't as flexible as I'm used to.

It's weird living with my parents again and adjusting to family life. Sometimes it feels as if I never left and other times I feel as an outsider who doesn't really belong. And then there's the issue of the light switches. That's something I haven't quite figured out because there are just so many of them and there are more than one that control the same light. I'll get it soon enough... I hope.
 It's been a great start to the summer :)


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  1. Life after college. That actually exists? haha. congrats! Hope you're having a great summer!


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